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Innovafood distributes raw materials for the food industry. We focus mainly on dried vegetables, natural dyes, herbs, spices and fruit. We particularly excel in our vast range of dried onion and garlic in all their different sizes, cuts and origins.

Established in 2000, Innovafood has since then undergone a strong and stable growth. Together we share 35 years of experience in the food industry and an in depth product knowledgement. We do not see ourselves as traders, very much to the contrary, we focus on long-term relationships with our customers as well as our suppliers. Years of experience have shown us to focus on the individual expectations and needs of our customers as well as to anticipate market development. This enables us to offer large volumes at competitive prices. In order to guard the high quality, palletisation, labeling and easy distribution, most of our products are stored at our own warehouses.

With the greatest care, our end products are purchased in the countries of origin to ensure our customers with a consistent quality. Our group of preferred suppliers has been composed as such should a harvest fail in one particularly country, we can still offer a similar product with similar specifications from another country. These alternatives being necessary as we are dealing with natural products subjected to a wide range of external factors, e.g. failed harvest caused by severe weather conditions. Hence the reason we prefer to work with a group of preferred suppliers from various origin. This group is frequently subjected to audits, screening and visited, enabling us - when
necessary - to anticipate unforeseen circumstances and not having to
compromise on quality.